Language Acquisition through Intention Reading and Pattern Finding

This web demonstration accompanies the paper:

Nevens, J., Doumen, J., Van Eecke, P. & Beuls, K. (2022). Language Acquisition through Intention Reading and Pattern Finding. In Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Computational Linguistics.


This web demonstration provides concrete examples of the agent's learning mechanism (cf. Section 4.5). For the purposes of this demonstration, the experiment as described in this paper has been modified such that the tutor always acts as the speaker and the learner always acts as the listener. While the scenes are presented to the agents in random order, the questions are presented to best demonstrate the various learning mechanisms.

Below, you can find shortcuts to each of the learning mechanisms. Each section contains a brief description followed by a number of interactions that demonstrate the learning mechanism discussed.


1. Learning holophrases

2. Generalising over holophrases

3. Learning from partial meanings

4. Learning slot-argument links